July Update | Hate Is A Strong Word

Hey girl (or boy) Hey!

So I’ve been MIA from this blog for two months. I took the GMAT in June and have yet to write about it, but that post is coming. Really all you need to know is that I am still studying. Sometimes I feel I am in a black hole of sentence correction and word problems. I promise I don’t hate the GMAT. I just want our relationship to be over! My next test date is the end of August which is cutting it close to my first school deadline. I will need to make some decisions about Round 1 vs Round 2 applications.

Studying is tough, especially when you have a long commute and don’t feel that you have enough time to dedicate to get where you want to go. I do have a tutor (I will do a full review on the good and bad of finding a tutor/ using one) which is helpful. I neeeed to do more Verbal. All my time has been dedicated towards Quant. Sometimes it feels that my to-do list is quick sand.

I think the only thing that is going really well is my ability to make contacts at my target schools, attend events, and network. I feel I have a strong sense of where I want to go and what I want my experience to look like.

Stay tuned for more updates that are actually well thought out and organized.


Update 1.1 GMAT | We on de’ road!!!

It has been 8 months since I updated the site which is scary for two reasons.

1. Have a really been on this MBA journey for that long?

2. So much has happened and I have failed to keep this site up-to-date.

I hope that I can look back and see the ups and downs that I have experienced so far so an applicant. I think my experience can be broken down into three parts.

  1. GMAT
  2. Networking/School visits
  3. Money spent (consultants, etc)

I will begin with a GMAT update in this post, but I will make blogging a weekly occurrence. Everything changes from week to week and its interesting to see how my emotions change based on the interactions of conversations I have with folks.


The GMAT has been my main focus for the past 3 months and I believe it will continue to be my main priority for another two months. This doesn’t mean I am neglecting other parts of my application, but it does mean I am increasingly aware of the importance the GMAT has in my overall application and profile. Plus, once your start the climb, you want to finish. I have always had the goal of seeing a 7– score. I know there are many who are accepted into top programs with scores in the mid 600s, but I want to prove to myself and to others that I have strong abilities and can thrive in the business school environment. I want the adcoms to have the confidence that I can make the switch from non-profit to business with ease. With that said, I have been using three studying methods.

  1. Manhattan GMAT course. I will give a full review of the course in a separate post, but I would give it a 7 overall. For someone like me who was scoring in the 500s on practice test and worried about not seeing improvement, it was a great investment to become a bit more structured in the way I attack my studying. At the same time, I don’t think the course taught me much that I couldn’t learn on my own from forums and other cheaper┬ásources. I did see score improvement, so I can’t be too upset, but I now realize that the $1400 I spent could have been directed to private tutoring to really attack the holes in my knowledge that are preventing me from pushing ahead.
  2. Magoosh– I purchased a Magoosh account but haven’t used it as much as I should. The practice questions are really good though. I plan on using it more in the coming weeks.
  3. Target Test Prep– I have been really impressed with TTP although I don’t know why it is so expensive compared to other similar sites (i.e Magoosh). TTP just focuses on Quant. What I do like is that the test at the end of the chapters force you to go back and review content to ensure you full understand that subject before moving on. there have been times where I have to go through the questions and content several times before I starting to score 90% on the easy test. It takes me a while just to get through one chapter, which is another reason I which it was a but cheaper. I do want to get through all 39 modules though.

I am happy to report that I have seen improvement in my scores! I was at the 500 mark for a while, and that was so discouraging. Last week I scored at 630 on a MGMAT test which just raised my confidence by 300%. I am taking my first official GMAT next week, and my goal is to score somewhere in the 600s so that I can push myself into the 700s by the next test in August (easier said than done!).