I’ve decided to apply to Business School (MBA)

This may be one of the scariest things I have ever done. I am also someone who analyzes chance. I compare myself to others. I went to a top boarding school (which could be the source of all my academic insecurities lol) and then a top college. Life after that has been rough but no one tells you that adult hood will hit you in the face. They make it sound like a transition process. NOPE NOPE NOPE. I’m still alive so obviously I’m doing things half right.

I was once in love with international relations and I still am, but don’t see my career progressing the way I wanted it to. I tried to make all the right moves. I want to build on my career with a strong degree, and hopefully move into a space that combines business goals with my international development/public health interest. It took a lot of pondering and twist and turns to get to this point but I like to think that the extra time will work in my favor. I am more clear, more aware the the decisions I need to make and where I am going.

No begins the task of throwing my hat into the ring with people who have been working at GS, JPMorgan, and all the amazing firms across the country. At this point I feel I have nothing going in my favor but optimism.

Lets see how this goes.

PS. If I dont get in and all crashes and burns, I will leave this blog here as a artifact of human ambition. If it succeeds I will transfer all post to my person blog and display to the world my miracle work and the journey it took to find ultimate success at a top business school.