Update 1.2 School List| Are you the one?

Back in September I had a list of schools that were based on random thoughts in my head. Looking back at my post, I just laugh. Like, “Girl, you really thought you knew!”

My current list is based on more sound reasoning and facts (if I’m going to go to business school, I need to learn to rely a bit more on hard data). I’ve visited schools, talked with current students, chatted with admissions directors and researched how schools align with my goals. So here is the list:

Wharton– Wharton is currently at the top of the heap in my b-school wish list. I was invited to Wharton Diversity On-Campus Visit Day where I was able learn all about the Wharton MBA program. I wasn’t enthralled with the school at first visit, but the more I talk to students, professors, etc, the better impression I get. Each person I come in contact with at Wharton has been nothing short of super helpful and has gone the extra mile to ensure they can give me the knowledge I need to make my decisions. I am also in love with the Lauder MA/MBA program. It bridges the gap between my desire to build new skills through an MBA and my craving to continue studying and exploring international issues.

Columbia- I went to the Columbia 35 Annual BBSA Conference in March hosted by the Columbia Black Business Student Association. I will speak more about the conference in a later post. In short, the conference blew away any misconceptions I had about Columbia and put it in the top tier of schools I want to apply to. Right now I have a great impression of Columbia but need to do a bit more research on how the school can fit my career needs. I also went to a information session which was great to get an overview of the school and its academic offerings.

NY Stern- I will have my first interaction with Stern today during a multi-school admissions event they are hosting. I will say on paper, NYU Stern has some of the most exciting programs on the intersection of business, human rights, and social ethics. Their Center for Business and Human Rights in basically a hub of my short-term and long-term career goals. Hopefully I will like the school. NYU is also part of Consortium which a nice bonus. I would be able to stay in New York (is that a plus? Still not sure), study a field I am passionate about, and not break the bank (if given a Consortium fellowship). I do need to reach out to those at the school more. I have not talked to alumni/current students/professors so my excitement is based solely on the school website at this point.

*Chicago Booth- Booth is still lagging behind the rest of the pack. There are doing amazing work with the Social Enterprise Initiative and have an excellent reputation. A part of me wants to try Chicago for two years, although I don’t know if that itch can be scratched by just taking a long weekend trip. I’ve talked to two recent alumni about the Booth program and they both loved their Booth experience. I think I need to speak with admissions and visit the school to get a better feel for the campus and culture. Either way, Booth will probably be my R2 school.


I think that is an adequate explanation of the school choice. I don’t plan on applying to anymore that 3 schools. Honestly, many told me that three schools school be all you need to create a successful admissions process (if you do the work correctly). At this point I will apply to Booth if something goes wrong Round1 (but that can change once I do the work of really digging into Booth a bit more).