Breaking Down My Chances (stats)

I will be slightly open and fully honest about my chances of getting into a top MBA Program.

First, here are my dream schools.



GSM (Stanford)

I have a more extensive list but it is not solidified yet. I plan on applying to these three schools no matter what people tell me. First, I rather no for sure that I took the chance. Second, these three school offer the most comprehensive and diverse MBA programs. Some other schools are still rigid in the way the gear their program to the finance sector. While I 100% want to make sure I have firm foundation in business, I also want to make sure I have opportunities to apply my learning to my intended field.

Now for the stats:

GPA: Below 3.5 (ouch)

GMAT: no yet taken

Work History: All non-profit. Worked at a top NYC hospital, then moved abroad to work for a small NGO in Latin America.

Goals: A career in social enterprise, enterprise management, corporate social responsibility

Ethnicity/Gender: Black Female (I promise you this doesn’t get you as much points as people think)

First Steps: I’ve made a pretty intense study plan so that I can take the GMAT in December. I know I will probably have to take it more than once which is okay. I plan to study to get the highest score possible, take a break for a month or so, and then return to intense studying. I think that way the skills and experience and build upon themselves. I plan to study for no longer than 3 months straight. My goal GMAT score is 720