July Update | Hate Is A Strong Word

Hey girl (or boy) Hey!

So I’ve been MIA from this blog for two months. I took the GMAT in June and have yet to write about it, but that post is coming. Really all you need to know is that I am still studying. Sometimes I feel I am in a black hole of sentence correction and word problems. I promise I don’t hate the GMAT. I just want our relationship to be over! My next test date is the end of August which is cutting it close to my first school deadline. I will need to make some decisions about Round 1 vs Round 2 applications.

Studying is tough, especially when you have a long commute and don’t feel that you have enough time to dedicate to get where you want to go. I do have a tutor (I will do a full review on the good and bad of finding a tutor/ using one) which is helpful. I neeeed to do more Verbal. All my time has been dedicated towards Quant. Sometimes it feels that my to-do list is quick sand.

I think the only thing that is going really well is my ability to make contacts at my target schools, attend events, and network. I feel I have a strong sense of where I want to go and what I want my experience to look like.

Stay tuned for more updates that are actually well thought out and organized.